【2021 Japan best sweets】TV program “Japan Sweets Best 40”


July 31, 2021 on the air

Amazing!! All of the sweets look so nice for me. Let me list the “best sweets” as followed. Those are picked up on a tv program aired on July 31, 2021. More than 500 People those are from 61 countries and district selected and decided the below ranks. Hope to taste and enjoy it. Thank you (^o^)

No. 10 Karamu-cho

No.9 Umai-bou

No. 8 Warabi-mochi

No. 7 Dorayaki

No. 6 Taiyaki

No. 5 Jagarico

No. 4 Pocky

No. 3 Kitkat

No. 2 Japanese Potato Chips

No. 1 Ichigo-daifuku (Rice cake with strawberry)