【北海道観光】Ski resort Hokkaido


Our recommendation

There are so many places for skiing in Hokkaido Japan.

One of my best recommendation is Ishikariheigen Ski Slope located in Toubestu where remote one hour-distance from New Chitose airport by car.


Go to Ishikari, not Niseko !?

As Warren Buffett says, the best way to be the rich is to obey the rule: Never lose money.

To save a money, you could buy a cheaper ticket and stay hotels with the reasonable prices compared to Niseko. If you like, you could enjoy hot springs and stay for a rest.

Hokkaido Futomi Meisen Manyo-no-Yu, Futomi – Japanese hot spring (Onsen)-Ishikari
Guests at this hotel can look forward to enjoying a range of relaxing bathing facilities that include indoor baths, open-air baths, as well as an outdoor foot s...

Also, you will find it is more accessible to Sapporo which is the main town in Hokkaido for sightseeing. Within an one hour you could reach Sapporo by car. Whether you stay in Tobestu or Sapporo, I am confident you will find good accommodation with lower prices compared to Niseko.

Check! which place is better to visit^^

I dare say Niseko is one of the best place for skiiing in the world. Still, if you hope to cut budget for a trip with your families, I would like to suggest Tobetsu for you as one of the best choices. Also, I am confident visiting Tobetsu will give you and your families wonderful memories.

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